Lottery Operators Are Leaving Money on the Counters Right Now

Monetize Your Digital Real Estate With Context Networks

Lottery Operators Are Missing Substantial Revenue

$333 Billion Industry

Selling And Buying Digital Ad Impressions

10,000s of Screens

Available Today, Little to No Cost, And Tremendous Upside

Enhance Retailer Partnerships

Bring Them Digital Advertising For Their Retail Sites

Just How Much Revenue Are Lottery Operators Missing?

$8,064 Per Day, Per 1,000 Retail Displays

Over $5.8 Million Per Year

How Did We Derive Those Figures?

Number of Retail Locations



Displays per Location



Minutes Per Day



Impressions Per Minute



Store Occupancy



Revenue Per Impression

$                0.007

$          0.007

Daily Revenue

$         2,419,200

$      806,400

Annualized Revenue

 $     883,008,000

$  294,336,000

Audience Measurement

Facial Recognition


Augmented Reality Product Interactions

Many Suitable Signage Locations

Beverage Cooler Displays

Overhead Aisle Displays

Double Hangs in Front Windows

Point of Sale

Gas Pump Tops

Indoors and Outdoors

What Is The Solution?

Context Promotional Media Network logo

The First-Ever Programmatic Advertising Ecosystem For Lottery Operators And Their Retail Partners

A Complete Turnkey, Cloud-Enabled, Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) Solution

A Lottery Operator’s Level Of Effort And Cost Is Next To Nothing, Revenue Sharing

A Patent-Protected Solution That Creates The Necessary Scale For Advertisers

Employs Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Algorithms

Includes A Real-Time Advertising Rules Engine Ensuring Only Approved Advertisers Reach A Retailer’s Displays

Includes Full-Service, Advertiser-Sponsored Marketing Solutions

Includes Unique & Novel Bonusing Games, Interactive Marketing, Both On-Premise And Off-Premise

Retail Partners Can Screen Advertisers

Lottery Retailers Select

  • Permissible Advertisers And Categories

  • Weighted Values For In-house Ads Over 3rd Party

  • Avoids Contract Conflicts

  • Denies Competitors

We Are Working With Only A Few Innovative Partner Lottery Operators This Year

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