Casino Operators Are Leaving Money on the Tables Right Now

Monetize Your Digital Real Estate With Context Networks

Casinos Are Missing Substantial Revenue

$333 Billion Industry

Selling And Buying Digital Ad Impressions

1,000s of Screens

Idle Today, Little Cost And Tremendous Upside

Existing Systems

No New Systems to Purchase, to Learn, or Train

Just How Much Revenue Are Casinos Missing?

$8,064 Per Day, Per 1,000 Slot Machines

Over $5.8 Million Per Year

How Did We Derive Those Figures?

Number of slot machines



Minutes per day



Impressions per minute



Game occupancy



Revenue per impression

 $           0.00700

 $      0.00700

Daily revenue

$              16,128

 $          8,064

Annualized revenue

 $         5,886,720

 $   2,943,360

Consider Current CRM Screen Advertising

Existing Technology, No New CapEx

In-House Ads Already Play Here

We Make The Ads Contextual And Relevant To The Players

We Add 3rd-Party Advertisers

That Missing Revenue Is From CRM Screens ALONE

There Are 1,000s More Idle Digital Displays Your Casino Can Monetize


Table Games

Card Rooms

Bingo Halls

Mobile & Websites

Digital Signage

What Is The Solution?

Context Promotional Media Network logo

The First-Ever Programmatic Advertising Ecosystem For Casino Operators

A Complete Turnkey, Cloud-Enabled, Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) Solution

A Casino’s Level Of Effort And Cost Is Next To Nothing, Revenue Sharing

A Patent-Protected Solution That Creates The Necessary Scale For Advertisers

Employs Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Algorithms

Includes A Real-Time Advertising Rules Engine Ensuring Only Approved Advertisers Reach A Casino’s Displays

Includes Full-Service, Advertiser-Sponsored Marketing Solutions

Includes Unique & Novel Bonusing Games, Interactive Marketing, Both On-Premise And Off-Premise

Includes Sponsored Gamified Marketing

  • AR/VR Games Played From Direct Mail Pieces Or Emails

  • Sponsors Contribute Significantly To Be Embedded In Games

  • Game-Mechanics Tailored To Recipients Via A Casino’s CRM Values

  • Wins Are Redeemable At Casino

  • Digital Coupons For Retail Redemption

Includes Bonusing Game Content

  • Proprietary Fantasy Sports Game Content from Play Globally

  • Plays On Mobile

  • Plays On All Service Windows

  • RNG Engine Included, Or Use Your Own

  • Casino-only Weekly, Monthly, & Quarterly Main Events

  • Can Also Be Used As iGaming Content

Provides Sponsored Bonusing Tournaments

  • Sponsors Contribute Significant Awards To Winners

  • Tournaments More Valuable To Guests

  • No Insurance Policies For “IF” A Winner Occurs

  • You Want Winners, Guests Want Winners – With CPMN Everyone Wins

Filter Advertisers Suitable for Your Casino

Casinos Select

  • Permissible Advertisers And Categories

  • Weighted Values For In-house Ads Over 3rd Party

  • Avoids Contract Conflicts

  • Denies Competitors

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